Sociocracy Resources

VillageCo is a Sociocracy!

Rather than give individuals power, we give power to circles of people which report, discuss, and make decisions about all aspects of our work.  This is the principle of equivalence -that those affected by decisions should be involved in making and evolving them.

New to sociocracy?  Check out this interactive introduction made by Sociocracy For All.  You can also use this in-depth course to learn more.

Join Us!

If you are interested in joining a VillageCo circle, you may complete this Circle Membership Form.  

If you'd like to have an introductory meeting first to discuss your interests and our needs, use this link to schedule a meeting with a recruiter.

General Circle

Aim & Domain

Aim: To provide a space to report activity, discuss important issues, and make decisions passed on to them by daughter circles or require consent from multiple circles.

Domain: Transferring and sharing information between circles, serving as a linchpin between all connect/daughter circles.

Meets Monthly on third Mondays at 6pm on Zoom.  

Sociocracy Assessment

See the results of our last Sociocracy self-assessment which asks members of VillageCo how we are doing with our sociocracy practices

Mission Circle

Aim: to keep VillageCo true to its mission.

Domain: mission, strategy, finances, policies and the long-term path of the organization  

Meets First Mondays @ 5pm Pacific

Platform Circle

Aim: To develop and support software used to manage Villages

Domain: Software: specifically airtable as a platform for managing Villages 

Meets first & third Wednesdays at noon Pacific

Communications Circle

Aim: To manage the creative and messaging components of VillageCo

Domain: Marketing, design, publicity, external relations, newsletters, social media, verbal & visual branding, member & supporter communications 

Meets First Tuesdays at 11am Pacific


Aim: steward and grow our Villages by recruiting members, expanding role experience, and addressing any issues related to Village.

Domain: Village leadership support, new member onboarding, role training, recruitment, and community promotion.

Meets Thursdays at Noon Pacific

Finance Circle

Aim: To manage and report on the financial assets of VillageCo

Domain: Currency, pledges, budgets, forecasts, and expenditures 

Meets Second Mondays at 5:30 Pacific

Fundraising Circle

Aim: To manage the fundraising strategies and actives of VillageCo

Domain: Fundraising, donations, fundraising events, grants 

Meets As-needed


Aim: To be the “heart” of VillageCo, a weekly space for leaders to check in with each other and keep project flowing between meetings

Domain: Village leadership, works in progress, ideation 

Meets Second & Fourth Mondays at 6pm Pacific

Audit Circle