We're weaving stronger fabric for a bigger quilt.

Our fabric is made of leadership and tools

The threads of our fabric represent Village Leaders like Christine, Michael, Jason, our 25 VillageCo volunteers, our 42 financial supporters, our 200+ Village members, and our many community-building allies and partners.

Threads also represent our tools, such as our open source organizing software. It's our training documents, gathering materials and sustainability practices. We've spent years slowly building these tools, and we're getting very close to releasing them for the first time as our Village Building Toolkit (version 1).

Your support helps us strengthen these threads.

Our quilt of Villages is growing!

Villages in Seattle, Boise, Michigan, and in organizations like Flow Genome Project and Social Venture Partners are the blocks a of beautiful quilt of communities.

And, our quilt is getting bigger!  We're bringing together a group of Village Builders in 2024 to create villages in their own communities. This group will use our Toolkit and receive direct support from existing community builders. Sign up for our email newsletter to hear all the exciting updates!

If you support our effort to bring Villages into neighborhoods throughout Seattle and beyond, one way you can help is with a monthly financial gift.

💰We Did it!

($15,000 with an average gift of $50/mo)

Here's how we made our goal:

Giving Circle Members

A HUGE thanks to our many supporters!  See who they are and read their words of support for Village!

Join the Giving Circle!

The Giving Circle is a group of people supporting VillageCo with monthly financial gifts

🥳 In 2023 we raised $1,150/mo with an average monthly gift of $52

Curious about how we raise & spend our money?

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Recurring donations will be charged monthly for the current calendar year. 

All recurring donations will stop on December 31st of this year.

Current Giving Circle Members

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One-Time Gifts

We have two options for you to make your one-time donation: Paypal and Stripe

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Checks Accepted

You may also mail a check donation to:

9169 West State Street Suite 867
Boise, ID 83714-1733

Past Fundraisers

2024 Giving Circle Campaign

We raised $15,000 for our work in 2024!

2023 Village Night Out

We raised $2,250 in donations - exceeding our goal of $2,000!!  Thank you to our many supporters!

2023 Giving Circle Campaign

We raised $1,150/mo in donations - very close to our goal of $1,200/mo!!

2022 VillageCo Launch Campaign

We raised $5,011 in both one-time and recurring donations to help launch VillageCo as an official nonprofit!