We Build Community

At Village, we understand that regardless of our individual identities, lifestyles, or beliefs, we all have a fundamental need to be connected to others and part of something larger than ourselves. That's why we are creating micro-communities called Villages, where everyone is welcome and everyone has a place.

Our Vision

A world where everyone belongs to and is engaged in their local community.

Our Mission

To help create and support sustainable community groups (Villages) within neighborhoods, workplaces, and families.


Our Ethos

In the past, humans lived in small groups where everyone had a role and belonged. Our differences were seen as a strength because we were stronger together. 

However, things have changed a lot since then. We've discovered and explored the world and universe, but we've also lost some important things along the way. 

The Village Ethos refers to a way of living and being that emphasizes community, cooperation, and mutual support.  It is based on the idea that individuals are interdependent and that everyone has a role to play in supporting the well-being of the community as a whole.  This ethos values diversity and recognizes that different people bring different strengths and perspectives that can benefit the community.  It’s characterized by a sense of belonging, shared responsibility, and a commitment to helping others. 

Today, we're facing some of the greatest challenges humanity has ever seen.  It's time to bring back what we've lost and remember that no matter what the challenge, we need each other.   It's time to return to our Villages!

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Members Guide

Download our complete Member's Guide which outlines our gathering program and ways to be involved.

We also wrote this White Paper the goes into great detail about our program components and how each contributes to our goal of building community.

Our Journey

Village was born years ago and nurtured by the passions and work of many individuals who came together in 2020 during the COVID lockdowns.  What emerged was something none of us could have done alone.  Look below for a list of our co-creators.

Click here for a short 4- minute video outlining our history and milestones of the last few years.

Our Plan

This 10-minute video was recorded during our launch fundraiser and outlines the value and future of Village as told by Members and the VillageCo Board of Directors.

And if you're looking for more, here is an edited recording of a full village gathering.

Podcast Interview

Village Co-Founder Jason Sears is interviewed by Village In The City founder, Mark McKergrow in this podcast to talk about the Village, how it works, our social gathering model, and what we've learned so far.

Current Villages

Operating since April 2020, Village Seattle has over 80 members who gather virtually once a week, and in-person monthly. Recent activities include a healthcare worker outreach, a huge 100th gathering celebration, and many member-led in-person engagements like hikes and game nights.   Find us on Meetup.  

Village TARP is a community of board members, staff, volunteers, and people affected by or concerned with prison systems. The Adolescent Redemption Project (TARP) is a nonprofit founded and led by incarcerated people that focuses on bringing mercy to our justice system. (More about Village TARP) 

Village OneNWC is a workplace village for employees of the regional nonprofit Northwest Center, which advocates for education and job opportunities for people with disabilities. The workplace Village aims to bring together employees from a diverse, geographically distributed organization. 

Operating since August 2022, Village Boise is just getting started!  We've had monthly potlucks and gatherings in the park and at our winter home at the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship.  Request an invite here.

Village Family is an idea to use the Gathering Program in a family reunion-style event.  8 Family gatherings have been conducted virtually with two families.

Village Works is a place for Villagers to get meet so they can plan and organize their villages.  Village Works meets every Monday at 6pm Pacific.


2021 Tesimonials

In this video, Village Seattle members share their
favorite parts and the value they get from being a Member.

2022 Testimonials

In this video, early investors in VillageCo share why
they support the continued growth of Village

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Our Board of Directors has convened several committees to organize the work ahead.  

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Our Team

Board of Directors

Christine Callo, President

Sarah Groat, Vice President

Calli Johnson, Treasurer

Jason Sears, Secretary & Administrative Director

Michael Scullin

Ariele Gold

Emma Sutton

Cory Ramsay

Jacque Deahl

Maurice Kwatch

Committee Members

Bill Huselman

Tiffany Lorraine

Iulia Bejan

Isaac Curtis

Advisory Board

Stephen Silha

Kate Thompson

Bridgid Normand

Andre Stone

Corbin Charpentier

Cindy Black

Other Village Seattle

Jordan Lyon

Ann Stadler

Jennifer Fuqua

Camille Adkins-Rieck

Jarrett Thorsted

Peggy Holeman

Simar Preet


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