Bringing Neighbors Together

We facilitate creating micro-communities, called Villages, using our Gathering Model and free Village Platform.  Villages are community led, self-sustaining groups whose primary aim is to promote connection and belonging within existing communities.






We're all of them.   We're VillageCo

Here, we practice community leadership.

Help us weave stronger fabric for a bigger quilt.

The fabric represents the tools and support that groups need to run Villages.

The Quilt represents our diverse Villages.

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Our Vision

A world where everyone feels a sense of belonging to a local community, where they can connect with anyone, have meaningful conversations, and take intentional action to make a difference. 

Our Mission

To provide the tools and support that groups need to form Villages and root them into neighborhoods, workplaces, and families.

Our Practice

Village Members practice activities such as gathering, sharing, and taking roles.  These practices are known to build a sense of belonging and connection within existing communities.

Our Village Gathering Model provides a space for this practice on a regular and local basis.

Seeking Weavers & Village Builders!

We're assembling a 2024 Village Builders Cohort

Are you interested in organizing in your local neighborhood or community?

About Us

Our Toolkit

Once you get people together, what then?  How do we create and hold space that is open to all people and ideas?  

A key 2024 project is to bring our toolkit (currently in Beta) to a Version 1 for public release.  The toolkit includes everything a group needs to organize a Village in their community, from software to agendas.  It's been crafted over the years with input from dozens of community organizers working in a variety of settings.

Our Journey

What makes Village different?  How have we learned from our past community building experiences?

Village was born years ago and nurtured by the passions and work of many individuals who came together in 2020 during the COVID lockdowns.  What emerged was something none of us could have done alone.  Look below for a list of our co-creators.

Click here for a short 4- minute video outlining our history and milestones of the last few years.

Our Impact

What is it like to be a Villager?  

Watch this 5 minute summary video from our 2024 Village Night Out fundraiser featuring members of Villages in Seattle, Boise, Michigan, and beyond.

Our approach is informed by Asset Based Community Development, Sociocracy, and Open Space Technology.

Check out our website for more details on how the Village Gathering Model works, and what it's like for participants.  

NOTE: This website is currently in development!

In The Media

Podcast Interview

Village Co-Founder Jason Sears is interviewed by Village In The City founder, Mark McKergrow in this podcast to talk about the Village, how it works, our social gathering model, and what we've learned so far.

Feature in The Big Idea Lab

Feeling Alone and Disconnected? It Might be Time to Join a Village

"As the world has grown larger, so have the cracks that people can fall into. The Village Revolution is all about stitching our communities back together and shrinking those cracks."

"VillageCo is an innovative effort to reconnect our neighborhoods and heal our social fabric."
- Seth Kaplan

To learn more about this importance of neighborhoods, visit Seth Kaplan's website.

Village Projects

Operating since April 2020, Village Seattle has over 80 members who gather virtually once a week, and in-person monthly.  Our members regularly host events including hikes, volunteering opportunities, and potlucks.

Village Nomad is the only Village run by VillageCo, and serves as both a social gathering space for volunteers, and a practice space for Village Builders.

NOTE: Village Nomad gatherings periodically at different times and days of the week.  For a list of upcoming gatherings, click here (TBD).

In 2024, a group of 20 Village Builders are working to bring apply a version 1 of our Village Building Toolkit in their own neighborhoods and community. 

This pilot project is an effort to study the effectiveness of our model and tools in a variety of environments.  

Operating since August 2022, Village Boise is just getting started!  We've had monthly potlucks and gatherings in the park and at our winter home at the Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship.  Request an invite here.

Village Family is an idea to use the Gathering Program in a family reunion-style event.  8 Family gatherings have been conducted virtually with two families.

At VillageCore we steward and grow our Villages by recruiting members, expanding role experience, and addressing any issues related to Village.


2024 Tesimonials

Watch this introduction to our 2024 Giving Circle campaign for words of support for Village

2023 Tesimonials

Watch this brief summary of our 2023 fundraiser for words of support for Villages in multiple communities.

2022 Testimonials

In this video, early investors in VillageCo share why
they support the continued growth of Village

2021 Tesimonials

In this video, Village Seattle members share their
favorite parts and the value they get from being a Member.

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Notable Emails

2024 Vision/Mission Feedback
June, 2024

Update on our Three Goals
April 2024

Village Forest Update
February 2024

2023 Review
December 2023

Central District Update
September 2023

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January 2023

Founding Board
August 2022

Initial Call for Support
May 2022

Our Team

Board of Directors

Christine Callo, President

Sarah Groat, Vice President

David Brotman, Treasurer

Jason Sears, Secretary & Administrative Director
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Michael Scullin

Ariele Gold

Emma Sutton

Cory Ramsay

Maurice Kwatch

Circle Members

Bill Huselman

Tiffany Lorraine

Iulia Bejan

Isaac Curtis

Jordan Roberts

Rob Trebor

Abby Wellman

Kevin Triplett

Jarrett Thorsted

Rob Trebor

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Calli Johnson

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Billy Xiong 

Loisel Wilson

Tara Singson

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Bill Hulsemen

Weiyu Huang

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Tone Petit

Blaire Burstein

Advisory Circle

Stephen Silha

Kate Thompson

Bridgid Normand

Andre Stone

Corbin Charpentier

Cindy Black

Other Village Seattle

Jordan Lyon

Ann Stadler

Jennifer Fuqua

Camille Adkins-Rieck

Peggy Holeman

Simar Preet

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